Spring FEVER!!

Welcome to The Embraceable EWE?s Website! Finally I don't feel guilty when I look at the home page! For the loooooongest time the website said "Happy Fall", and we all KNOW that it has felt like winter around here for quite some time now. We had one CRAZY week in March where our Knit-along ladies were able to sit out on the lovely porch. It was a Tuesday afternoon, and it was so warm that they had the fans going and the windows open. The VERY NEXT DAY my kids had no school because of a BLIZZARD--it doesn't get much crazier around here weather-wise than that!
Erin and the Ewe Crew!




Mother Bear Project   
The one group that has continued to enjoy the porch all winter, despite the cold temperatures is the batch of teddy bears that has been slowly accumulating on the wicker couch for the Mother Bear Project. Have you seen them? They are the Greater Buffalo Knitting Guild?s Charity Project for this year, and I think they are just precious. But, sadly, they were not lovingly made for me, so yesterday I boxed them all up with a smile, and I shipped them off to their happy new home?into the eager hands of needy children in Africa, as incentive for them to receive a much-needed immunization.
Would you like to knit a bear and start a new batch of bears for my porch couch??? It?s easy to do. Just stop by the shop and purchase a pattern for $5 (The money goes toward shipping costs to get the bears to Africa). Then, you may help yourself to as many bear-making kits as you would like (we have them on the porch in a bushel basket). Bring your finished bears back to the shop, and when we have another big bunch?off to Africa they will go!!!

Sweet Charity 
Grandma Helen was honored at this spring at Roswell's Volunteer Luncheon. They gave her a standing ovation for all of the blankets that she has sewn together for the patients (over 500 of them)! That being said, we are STILL accepting squares for the Roswell Knit-It-Forward Blanket Program. You keep knitting and she will keep sewing. Keep her busy, keep her busy!!

What's Cookin' Good Lookin? 
My strawberry patch under the yarn shop sign gave us a bumper crop this year! The kids were actually begging me NO MORE Strawberries, Mom. Please, no more strawberries! I was putting them in EVERYTHING. However, nobody seemed to mind when I put them in this CAKE, recipe courtesy of Penzy?s Spice shop on Elmwood (I LOVE that place). GREAT cake-- make sure you use the vanilla sugar on top! Look for the recipe in our FREE Recipes section!

What's Erin knitting?
I am soooo proud of how this came out. I received three balls of green, alpaca tweed in a mystery yarn exchange. I used my winnings to make this winning kangaroo vest for Emmett--just in time for Easter. Isn't he handsome?


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